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Ventofil 400 MG


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Indications of Ventofil 400 mg Tablet

Ascova (Doxophylline) is used to treat asthma, COPD and bronchospasm


Pharmaceutical Name of Ventofil 400

Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd.



Doxophyllin is a new type of bronchodilator. Due to the presence of a dioxolane group at position 7, it is structurally different from theophylline. Doxophyllin selectively inhibits phosphodiesterase 4, thereby relaxing bronchial smooth muscle. However, unlike theophylline, doxophylline appears to have a reduced affinity for the A1 and A2 adenosine receptors, which may be the reason for the greater safety of the drug. Doxophyllin can reportedly inhibit the production of platelet-activating factor (PAF) and leukotrienes.


Dosage & Administration

Elderly: 200 mg tablet two or three times daily.

Adults: 400 mg tablet two or three times daily or as prescribed by the physician.


  • >12 years of age: 10 ml syrup or 200 mg tablet two or three times daily.
  • 6-12 years of age: 6-9 mg/kg body weight two times daily, i.e. if body weight is 10 kg, 3 ml (60 mg) two times daily or as prescribed by the physician.

If required daily dose of Doxophylline is 400 mg then Doxophylline SR tablet to be taken once daily or as prescribed by the physician


Interactions of Ventofil 400

Doxophyllin should not be administered with other xanthine derivatives. The toxic synergistic effect of xanthine and ephedrine has been recorded. Like other xanthines, the combination of chlortetracycline, lincomycin, clindamycin, allopurinol, cimetidine, ranitidine, propranolol, and flu vaccines can reduce yellowing. There is no evidence that there is a relationship between serum doxophyllin concentration and toxic events.



Doxofylline is contraindicated in acute myocardial infarction. This product is also contraindicated in patients with hypotension, lactating women and patients who exhibit hypersensitivity to its ingredients.


Side Effects of Ventofil 400

Nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, nsomnia, tachycard a, headache, upset stomach and heartburn may occur.


Pregnancy & Lactation

There is limited experience in human durng pregnancy, xanthines should be given to pregnant women only if clearly needed. Doxophylline is contraindicated in nursing mothers.


Precautions & Warnings

The half-life of xanthine derivatives is influenced by a number of known vanables. lt may be prolonged rn patients with lver disease, in patients with congestive hearl failure and in those patlents taking certain other drugs like erythromycin, troleandomycin, iincomycin, allopurinol, c metid ne, propranolol and anti-flu vaccine. ln these cases, a ower dose of Doxophylline may be needed. Phenytoin, other anticonvusants and smoking may cause an increase in clearance with a shorter mean half-life, ln these cases higher doses of Doxophylline may be needed,


Therapeutic Class

Bronchodilator, Methyl xanthine derivatives


Storage Conditions

Keep in a dry place away from light and heat. Keep out of the reach of children. Doxophylline should be used only on the prescription of a specialist physician.


Generic of Ventofil 400