Sangril 450/50


Sangril 450/50


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Micronised Diosmin + Hesperidin



It is demonstrated within the treatment of-

  • Acute hemorrhoidal attacks.
  • Chronic hemorrhoidal disease.
  • Organic and useful constant venous lacking of the lower appendages with the taking after side effectsoverwhelming legs, tormentnighttime issues.



Diosmin and Hesperidin could be a phlebotonic sedate and a vascular ensuring operator. It strengthens venous tone by dragging out the movement of parietal noradrenaline. Hence Diosmin and Hesperidin diminishes venous capacitance, venous distensibility, and venous purging time.

Diosmin and Hesperidin ensures the microcirculation by battling the microcirculation harming handle; It combats venous irritation by diminishing leukocyte actuation, and as a result, by restraining the discharge of fiery arbitersmainly free radicals and prostaglandin. Hence Diosmin and Hesperidin normalizes capillary penetrability and reinforces capillary resistance.
Diosmin and Hesperidin acts on the lymphatic framework, It moves forward lymphatic waste by expanding lymph stream and lymph oncotic weight.


Dosage & Administration

Diosmin 450 mg & Hesperidin 50 mg-
  • Acute hemorrhoidal assaults3 tablets twice every day for the primary 4 days, at that point 2 tablets twice day by day for three days and on the off chance that required 1 tablet twice day by day as a upkeep dosage.
  • Chronic hemorrhoids: 1 tablet twice daily.
  • Chronic venous lacking: 1 tablet twice every day at first for seven days. Term may be expanded depending on seriousness.

Diosmin 900 mg & Hesperidin 100 mg-

  • Acute Hemorrhoid: 1 tablet thrice day by day for to begin with 4 days, taken after by 1 tablet twice day by day for 3 days & at that point 1 tablet once day by day as upkeep dose.
  • Relapse of Inner Hemorrhoid & Incessant Hemorrhoid: 1 tablet once every day for 3 months.
  • Chronic venous inadequate: 1 tablet once every day for 2-6 months.
  • Leg Wounds: 1 tablet once day by day for 2 months.



No prove of sedate incongruence (medicate interaction) has been detailed in clinical trials.



Unremitting venous inadequate and its complications ought to be analyzed and administration observed by a doctor. It is contraindicated for anybody having a extreme touchiness to any fixing within the item.


Side Effects

A few cases of schedule gastric disarranges and neurovegetative disarranges (feeling of distress) have been detailed. In this cases cessation of treatment isn’t required.


Pregnancy & Lactation

Exploratory considers have not appeared any teratogenic impact in creatures. In human creatures, no destructive impact has so distant been detailedWithin the nonattendance of information concerning excretion into breast milk, breast nourishing isn’t suggested amid treatment.


Precautions & Warnings

On the off chance that the hemorrhoidal side effects don’t vanish inside 15 days, quiet ought to inquire specialist for exhortation. Diosmin (up to 900 mg/day) has been managed to a little number of breast cancer patients who were encountering lymphedema taking after surgical and nodal illumination treatment with resultant lessening of arm edema but no impact on the cancer. Creature thinks about and more than 20 a long time of clinical utilize in Europe have not found any prove of carcinogenicity or mutagenicity when the components of Diosmin & Hesperidin are utilized as prescribed. As a safeguard, Diosmin & Hesperidin isn’t suggested for patients with a history of cancer since no particular thinks about have been performed in this populace.

Therapeutic Class

Phlebotonic & Vascular securing planning


Storage Conditions

Keep underneath 30°C temperature, absent from light & dampness. Keep out of the reach of children.


Pharmaceutical Name

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd.