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Neosaline 10.25 GM


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Oral Rehydration Salt [Powder]



Rehydration through the mouth Diarrhea (therapy) and electrolyte depletion both require salt (prophylaxis and treatment)



Oral rehydration salts are taken orally to prevent or treat dehydration caused by acute diarrhea. Water and essential salts are lost in feces and vomiting, and dehydration occurs when blood volume is reduced due to the loss of fluid in the extracellular fluid chamber. Preserving the promoted sugar and sodium co-transport system in the small intestinal mucosa is the basic principle of oral rehydration therapy. Glucose is actively absorbed in the normal intestine and transports sodium in approximately equimolar ratios. Therefore, an isotonic saline solution containing glucose has a greater net absorption than an isotonic saline solution without glucose.

Potassium replacements during acute diarrhea can prevent serum potassium levels from being lower than normal, especially in children, who have greater fecal potassium losses than adults. Bicarbonate can effectively correct metabolic acidosis caused by diarrhea and dehydration.


Dosage & Administration

Children less than 2 years: After each loose stool or vomiting 10 to 20 spoonful (50-100 ml).

Children 2 to 10 years: After each loose stool or vomiting 100-200 ml of prepared oral saline.

Adult and children above 10 years: After each loose stool or vomiting 200-400 ml of prepared saline.


Pregnancy & Lactation

FDA has not yet classified the drug into a specified pregnancy category


Precautions & Warnings

Parenteral fluids, as well as oral saline, may be needed to replace depressed renal function, severe ongoing diarrhea, or other important fluid losses. Acetate or gluconate ion-containing solutions should be used with caution, as too much of them can cause metabolic alkalosis. Dextrose-containing solutions should be used with caution in individuals who have diabetes mellitus, whether subclinical or overt.


Therapeutic Class

Oral electrolytes preparations


Pharmaceutical Name

Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd.