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Sodium Hyaluronate



All types of dry eye and post-surgical lubrication are treated with Sodium Hyaluronate 0.1 percent sterile ophthalmic preparation. The sterile ophthalmic solution sodium hyaluronate 0.2 percent is used to treat severe and chronic dry eye, including following surgery. Both intensities are also recommended for contact lens wearers who suffer from dry eye.

For severe cases of dry eyes, sodium hyaluronate eye drops provide extensive and long-lasting moisturizing. The drops have a thick viscous consistency, making them appropriate for treating severe and chronic eye issues. Furthermore, they are exceptionally well-suited to assisting in the healing of eyes following surgery. Because of its therapeutic characteristics, sodium hyaluronate lubricating eye drops can be given for certain disorders. They can be prescribed by a doctor in certain instances, and the costs can be covered by health insurance funds. Sodium Hyaluronate eye drops are devoid of preservatives and phosphates and include the component hyaluronan. As a result, Sodium Hyaluronate lubricating eye drops are extremely well tolerated.



Sodium hyaluronate is a polysaccharide that acts as a lubricant in the body’s tissues. Because it produces a viscoelastic solution in water, it can be utilized as a surrogate for aqueous and vitreous humour in ocular surgery.


Dosage and Administration

Adult: Instill 1 drop 3 times daily. If necessary this can be increased or as directed by a physician.

Use in children: There is no known experience with patients under 18 years old.



Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients is known.


Side Effects

Burning sensation, temporary clouded vision, and a brief increase in intraocular pressure. Precautions: To prevent contamination, the container’s tip should not come into contact with any surface and should be completely closed between applications.


Pregnancy & Lactation

Category B pregnancy. There has been no evidence of a risk in reproductive research, but there are no controlled investigations in pregnant women. Because sodium hyaluronate has a purely physical effect on the eyes and is not absorbed, it is safe to use throughout pregnancy and lactation.


Therapeutic Class

Medicines for Dry Eyes


Storage Conditions

Keep the temperature below 30°C and away from light and moisture. Keep out of children’s reach.


Pharmaceutical Name

Aristopharma Ltd