Hepatolin 200 ML


Hepatolin 200 ML


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Typically demonstrated in Jaundice, Poisonous liver damage, Hepatitis, Incessant heartburn, Anorexia.



Aphanamixis polystachya: It contains aphanamixin, amoorin, flindissol, melianone, rohitukin that have hepatoprotective, antiviral and antibacterial activities. Woodfordia fructicosa: It has octacosanol, ß- sitosterol, polystachoside, ellagic corrosive and polyphenols, which are utilized within the treatment of liver maladies and bowel complaints. Emblica officinalis: It could be a wealthy source of vitamin C, which acts as an anti-oxidant. It too contains ellagic & phyllenbic acids, phyllantidine & phyllantine that are utilized within the treatment of jaundice, dyspepsia, and peptic ulcer. It diminishes SGOT, SGPT and LDH. It diminishes serum cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipid & LDL levels. It too diminishes glutathione exhaustion and anticipates cytochrome P-450 stimulation. Terminalia chebula: It contains anthraquinone glycoside, chebulinic corrosive, tannic corrosive, gallic corrosive that are utilized in extended spleen & liver. It advances stomach related control.Terminalia belerica: It contains tannin, ß-sitosterol, gallic corrosive, ellagic corrosive. It has noteworthy hepatoprotective movement and anticipates the advancement of greasy liver. It increments the biliary secretion. Zingiber officinale: It increments bile emission & upgrades gastrointestinal motility. It has anti-vomiting, hostile to bombastic and stomach related activities. Piper longum (Root & natural product): It encourages the recovery of hepatocytes taking after harmful liver harm. It has piperine alkaloid that invigorates stomach related chemical action counting that of pancreatic lipase, amylase, trypsin and chymotrypsin. Elettaria cardamomum: It increments the stream of bile from bother bladder in to the digestive system. It has moreover against heaving, anti-flatulent and stomach related activities. Cinnamomum tamala: It contains basic oil, eugenol, terpin and cinnamic aldehyde that has anti-flatulent & stomach related activities. Cinnamomum zeylanicum: It may be a exceptionally productive carminative & antispasmodic.


Administration & Dosage

Adult: 2-4 tea-spoonful 2-3 times daily after meal.
Child: 1-2 tea-spoonful 2-3 times daily after meal.



Antidepressants such as SSRIs and related antidepressants should not be started for at least two weeks after stopping an MAOI. An MAOI, on the other hand, should not be started until at least one week after an SSRI or similar antidepressant has been discontinued (2 weeks in the case of paroxetine and sertraline, at least 5 weeks in the case of fluoxetine).



Escitalopram is not recommended for patients who have a known hypersensitivity to Escitalopram, Citalopram, or any of the drug’s inactive ingredients. It’s not a good idea to take escitalopram and monoamine oxidase/pimozide at the same time.


Side Effects

SSRIs are less sedating than tricyclic antidepressants and have fewer antimuscarinic and cardiotoxic effects. SSRIs can cause gastrointestinal problems (nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and constipation are all dose-related and fairly common), as well as anorexia and weight loss (increased appetite and weight gain also reported).


Pregnancy & Lactation

The risks and benefits of treating a pregnant woman with Escitalopram during the third trimester should be carefully considered by the physician. It’s passed through human breast milk. The risk of citalopram exposure for the infant and the benefits of Escitalopram treatment should be considered when deciding whether to continue or stop nursing or Escitalopram therapy.


Precautions & Warnings

In patients with epilepsy (avoid if poorly controlled, discontinue if convulsions develop), concurrent electroconvulsive therapy.


Therapeutic Class

herbal and Nutraceuticals


Storage Conditions

Protect from light and moisture by storing below 30°C. Keep the medicine out of children’s reach.


Pharmaceutical Name

ACME Laboratories Ltd.