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Flunarizine is used to prevent classic (with aura) and common (without aura) migraines, as well as to treat the symptoms of vestibular vertigo (due to a diagnosed functional disorder of the vestibular system).

Motion sickness Refractory epilepsy refractory to conventional antiepileptic therapy Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Prep.



The difluorinated derivative of cinnarizine is flunarizine. It is a calcium channel antagonist that is selective. Flunarizine reduces cellular calcium overload by inhibiting excessive calcium transmembrane inflow. It has no effect on normal calcium homeostasis in cells. Flunarizine also possesses calming and antihistaminic effects. It binds to plasma protein with a 99 percent affinity.


Dosage & Administration

Headache Prophylaxis: Starting Dosage: 10 mg at night in patients less than 65 a long time of age and 5 mg day by day in patients more seasoned than 65 a long time. On the off chance that amid this treatment depressive, extrapyramidal or other unsatisfactory side effects happen, the organization ought to be ceased. On the off chance that, after 2 months of this introductory treatment, no critical advancement is watched, the persistent ought to be considered a non-responder, and the organization ought to be discontinued. Maintenance Treatment: On the off chance that a persistent is reacting palatably and in case an upkeep treatment is required, the measurements ought to be diminished to 5 days treatment at the same everyday measurements with two progressive pharmaceutical free days each week. Indeed in case, the prophylactic support treatment is fruitful and well endured, it ought to be hindered after 6 months and it ought to be re-initiated as it were in case the understanding relapses. Peripheral Vascular malady: 10 mg twice day by day, up to 30 mg per day in the event that required. Vertigo & movement affliction: 10-20 mg every day for grown-ups and 5 mg.



Galactorrhoea has been recorded in a small number of women taking oral contraceptives during the first two months of treatment with Flunarizine. Carbamazepine and phenytoin, both hepatic enzyme inducers, may interact with flunarizine by increasing its metabolism. As a result, an increase in flunarizine dosage may be necessary.



Flunarizine hypersensitivity. Flunarizine is not recommended for those who have had a depressive episode in the past, or who have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or other extrapyramidal illnesses.


Side Effect

Tiredness and/or weakness, as well as weight, pick up, and/or expanded craving may happen. The taking after antagonistic encounters has been detailed amid inveterate treatment with Flunarizine: sadness, of which female patients with a history of depressive ailment may be especially at hazard; extrapyramidal indications (such as bradykinesia, inflexibility, akathisia, orofacial dyskinesia, tremor), of which elderly patients appear especially at hazard. Rarely detailed unfavorable responses are acid reflux; sickness; gastralgia; a sleeping disorder; uneasiness; galactorrhoea; dry mouth; muscle hurt; skin hasty.


Pregnancy & Lactation

There is no evidence of safety during pregnancy or lactation.


Precautions & Warnings

Flunarizine may lead to tiredness which is exasperated by the concurrent admissions of liquor or other central apprehensive framework depressants. Patients ought to be cautioned against driving engine vehicles or performing other possibly dangerous errands where a misfortune of mental sharpness may lead to mischances. Flunarizine isn’t suited for prematurely ending a headache assault. The conceivable event of an assault is therefore no reason to extend the measurements of Flunarizine. This treatment may donate rise to extrapyramidal and depressive side effects and uncover Parkinsonism, particularly in inclined patients such as the elderly. Flunarizine ought to subsequently be utilized with caution in such patients.


Therapeutic Class

Preparations for migraine prevention that aren’t included above.


Storage Conditions

Keep the temperature below 30°C and away from light and moisture. Keep out of children’s reach.


Pharmaceutical Name

ACME Laboratories Ltd.