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Psyllium [Ispaghula Husk] + Senna Extract



Constipation, hemorrhoids, or piles are treated with Psyllium fiber and standardized Senna extract.

For patients who are confined to their beds, bowel management is essential.



Psyllium Fiber & Senna Extricate has reported purgative impact for Psyllium or Ispaghula husk powder (Plantago ovata) and standardized Senna extricate (Cassia angustifolia). When one spoonful of powder is blended with water it shapes an orange colored and flavored drink. Psyllium (bulk-forming purgative) contains mucilage and Senna extricate (stimulant purgative) contains hydroxyanthracene glycosides (as Sennoside B) that makes a difference to diminish clogging and normalizes bowel activity. The added substance impact of Psyllium Fiber & Senna Extricate is guaranteed for its combination accomplices. This extraordinary combination planning quickens intestinal section and increments water retention to extend filling weight. Psyllium Fiber & Senna Extricate makes a difference to decrease torment by simple bowel clearing with delicate stool for patients who are enduring from hemorrhoids (heaps), rectal surgery and colon cancer. It has alleviating impacts on gastric and intestinal mucosa, gastric bothering and ulceration. Psyllium Fiber & Senna


Dosage & Administration

Adults and children over 12 years old: 1-2 spoonful at night with at least 150 ml water or as directed by physician. Intake of additional water will be helpful. This can be taken with fruit juice, milk and warm drink. And should not be taken until ½ to 1 hour after intake of other medications. Continuous use for more than 2 weeks requires medical supervision.



Chronic use can lead to potassium shortage, which can boost the effectiveness of cardiac glycosides and alter the way antiarrhythmic medicines work. Potassium depletion can be exacerbated by taking thiazide diuretics and corticoadrenal steroids at the same time. Insulin-dependent diabetic patients may need to reduce their insulin dosage. The absorption of medications given at the same time may be delayed.



Patients with gastrointestinal pathology, intestinal obstructions, difficult-to-control diabetes mellitus, rapidly inflamed intestinal disorders, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, appendicitis, and stomach pain of unknown origin are contraindicated. Children under the age of 12 should not use this product.


Side Effects

An allergic reaction may develop on rare occasions. Chronic use may result in electrolyte (potassium) depletion, which will be reversed once the medication is stopped.


Pregnancy & Lactation

Although it is recommended, additional caution should be exercised during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Precautions & Warnings

Drink right away after preparing it. After each usage, seal the container tightly.


Therapeutic Class

Bulk-forming laxatives, Herbal and Nutraceuticals


Storage Conditions

Store away from light and moisture in a cool, dry location. Keep out of children’s reach.


Pharmaceutical Name

ACME Laboratories Ltd.