Biocal-Dx 30 PCS


Biocal-Dx 30 PCS


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Indications of Biocal-DX Tablet

  • Treatment of osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia, tetanus and hypoparathyroidism
  • During pregnancy and lactation due to increased need
  • In kidney disease and pancreatitis
  • During antiepileptic drug therapy
  • Prevention and treatment of calcium and vitamin D3 deficiency


Pharmacology of Biocal-DX Tablet

It is a combination of calcium (source of algae) and vitamin D3. Calcium (source of algae) is an essential element and plays an important role in the body. It strengthens the structure of the body by building bones. Clinical evidence suggests that calcium is useful in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and related fractures. Vitamin D3 is also essential for bone health because it helps absorb calcium from the digestive tract. Plus, it stimulates bone formation. Controlled clinical studies have shown that calcium and vitamin D3 have synergistic effects on bone growth as well as prevention of osteoporosis and fractures.


Dosage & Administration of Biocal-DX Tablet

Usual adult dose: 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at night. Tablet should be taken orally.

With medicine:

  • Calcium salts reduce absorption of bisphosphonates, ciprofloxacin, fluorides, iron, levothyroxine, tetracycline and zinc
  • Absorption of calcium salts is reduced by corticosteroids
  • Increased risk of hypercalcemia when Calcium and Vitamin D3 given with thiazides and related diuretics

With food and others: No clinically significant food drug interaction have been reported.



  • Hypocalcemia and hypercalciuria
  • Metastatic calcification
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the components of Calcium and Vitamin D3 preparation


Side Effects of Biocal-DX Tablet

Common side effects of calcium and vitamin D3 can include irregular heartbeat, nausea, dry mouth, weakness, headache, metallic taste in the mouth, muscle or bone pain, and drowsiness. Rare side effects are high blood calcium, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite.


Pregnancy and Lactation

During pregnancy & lactation: Calcium and Vitamin D3 should be used considering the risk-benefit ratio.


Precautions and Warnings

Caution should be taken in patients with renal impairment, sarcoidosis, hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria.


Therapeutic Class

Specific mineral & vitamin combined preparations


Storage Conditions

Store below 30°C and away from light & moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.


Pharmaceutical Name of Biocal-DX Tablet

ACI Limited


Generic of Biocal-DX Tablet

Calcium Carbonate [Algae source] + Vitamin D3