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Indications of Bacmax 10 Tablet

Baclofen is demonstrated in-

  • Spasticity coming about from numerous types of sclerosis.
  • Flexor fits and concomitant torment, clonus, and solid rigidity
  • Skeletal muscle fit coming about from rheumatic disorders
  • Spinal rope wounds and other spinal rope diseases
  • Cerebrovascular mischances or neoplastic or degenerative brain illness


Pharmacology of Bacmax 10 Tablet

Baclofen inhibits monosynaptic and polysynaptic reflexes in the spinal cord by activating GABAB receptors, which block glutamate and aspartate release. It may also cause CNS depression by acting at intraspinal locations. Baclofen has an antinociceptive effect as well.


Dosage & Administration of Bacmax 10 Tablet

Adult & children over 10 years: 5 mg 3 times daily, preferably with or after food, gradually increased; max. 100 mg daily.

Children <10 years
: Treatment is usually started with 2.5 mg (2.5 ml) given 4 times daily then raised according to requirement. Daily maintenance dose-

  • 12 month-2 years: 10-20 mg (10-20 ml)
  • 2 years-6 years: 20-30 mg (20-30 ml)
  • 6 years-10 years: 30-60 mg (30-60 ml)


Interaction of Bacmax 10 Tablet

  • Expanded sedation may happen in case Baclofen is taken with operators acting on the central anxious framework, liquor, or engineered sedatives.
  • The chance of respiratory sadness is additionally increased. Combined treatment with Baclofen and antihypertensives is likely to extend the drop in blood weight; subsequently, the measurement of antihypertensive pharmaceuticals ought to be balanced accordingly.
  • The concomitant organization of Baclofen and tricyclic antidepressants may potentiate the pharmacological impacts of Baclofen coming about in articulated solid hypotonia.
  • In patients with Parkinson’s malady getting treatment with Baclofen and levodopa and carbidopa, there have been a few reports of mental perplexity, visualizations, migraines, sickness, and agitation.
  • The concurrent utilize of MAO inhibitors and Baclofen may result in expanded CNS depressant impacts. Caution is exhorted and the measurement of one or both operators ought to be balanced accordingly.
  • Because a synergistic interaction between Baclofen and magnesium sulfate or other neuromuscular blocking medications is theoretically possible, caution should be given when using them together.



Baclofen is not recommended for those who are hypersensitive to any of the product’s ingredients.


Side Effect of Bacmax 10 Tablet

The foremost common unfavorable responses related to Baclofen are temporal tiredness, daytime sedation, discombobulation, shortcoming, and fatigue.

  • Central Anxious Framework: Migraine (<10%), sleep deprivation (<10%), and once in a while, happiness, fervor, sadness, disarray, visualizations, paraesthesia, bad dreams, muscle torment, tinnitus, slurred discourse, co-ordination clutter, tremor, unbending nature, dystonia, ataxia, obscured vision, nystagmus, strabismus, miosis, mydriasis, diplopia, dysarthria, epileptic seizures, respiratory depression.
  • Cardiovascular: Hypotension (<10%), uncommon occasions of dyspnea, palpitation, chest torment, syncope.
  • Gastrointestinal: Queasiness (roughly 10%), clogging (<10%) and seldom, dry mouth, anorexia, taste clutter, stomach torment, spewing, the runs, and positive test for mysterious blood in the stool.
  • Genitourinary: Urinary recurrence (<10%) and once in a while, enuresis, urinary maintenance, dysuria, feebleness, failure to ejaculate, nocturia, hematuria.
  • Rashes, pruritus, ankle edema, excessive perspiration, weight gain, nasal congestion, vision disturbances, hepatic function disorders, and paradoxical increase in spasticity are some of the other symptoms. Muscular hypotonia that makes walking or moving difficult can occur, however, this is usually alleviated by modifying the dosage. The daytime dosage may be reduced and the evening dosage increased for this purpose.


Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy category B3. Secure utilize of Baclofen amid pregnancy has not been set up. Baclofen crosses the placental obstruction. Baclofen ought to as it was be managed to pregnant ladies when within the judgment of the doctor concludes that the potential benefits exceed the conceivable dangers. Baclofen is excreted in breast drain be that as it may prove to date recommends that the amounts are so little that no undesirable impacts on the newborn child would be anticipated.


Precautions & Warnings

  • Lower dosages (around 5 mg per day) ought to be utilized for patients with impeded renal work or those experiencing constant hemodialysis.
  • Patients enduring not as it were from spasticity but moreover from maniacal clutters, schizophrenia, depressive or hyper clutter or confessional states ought to be treated cautiously and closely checked as exacerbations of these disarranges may occur.
  • In patients with epilepsy and muscle spasticity, Baclofen may be utilized beneath fitting supervision and given that satisfactory anticonvulsive treatment proceeds.
  • Bringing down the writhing limit may happen and seizures have been detailed after the cessation of Baclofen treatment or with overdose.
  • Baclofen ought to be utilized with caution in patients with or with a history of peptic ulcers, cerebrovascular illnesses, or hepatic, renal, or respiratory failure.
  • Careful observing of respiratory and cardiovascular work is basic particularly in patients with cardiopulmonary malady and respiratory muscle weaken
  • Neurogenic abnormalities affecting bladder emptying may improve under Baclofen medication. Acute urinary retention can occur in people with preexisting sphincter hypertonia. In these situations, Baclofen should be taken with caution.
  • Baclofen has not been shown to help patients who have had a stroke. These people also have a low tolerance for the medication.
  • Appropriate laboratory tests should be performed periodically in patients with hepatic diseases or diabetes mellitus to ensure that no medicine-induced changes in these underlying diseases have occurred.


Therapeutic Class

Centrally acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxants.


Storage Conditions

Keep the temperature below 30°C and away from light and moisture. Keep out of children’s reach.


Pharmaceutical Name of Bacmax 10 Tablet

Drug International Ltd


Generic of Bacmax 10 Tablet