Acical-D 500 MG+200 IU


Acical-D 500 MG+200 IU


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Indications of Acical-D

Acical®- D is indicated for-

  • Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
  • Prevention and treatment of osteomalacia and rickets
  • Prevention of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • To maintain strong bone growth and teeth
  • For bone development and constant regeneration of bone
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Deficiency state of Calcium and Vitamin D3
  • As nutritional supplement.


Pharmaceutical Name

ACI Limited



Acical®- D is the preparation of Calcium and Vitamin D3 (Colecalciferol). Calcium is used as a pharmacological agent in humans almost entirely to remedy deficiency. Adequate Calcium in the blood is so vital to a wide variety of bodily functions that our internal biochemistry will not tolerate a deficiency even for short periods. Clinical evidence suggests that Calcium is useful for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and associated fractures. Vitamin D3 is also essential for healthy bones as it aids in Calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to this it stimulates bone formation. Clinical studies show that Calcium and Vitamin D3 has synergistic effects on bone growth as well as in osteoporosis and fracture prevention.


Dosage and Administration of Acical-D

Calcium 500 mg and Vitamin D3 200 IU Tablet: 2 tablets daily or 1 tablet twice daily. It is best taken with or just after a meal to improve absorption.

Calcium 500 mg and Vitamin D3 400 IU Tablet: 1 tablet twice daily. It is best taken with or just after a meal to improve absorption.


Interaction of Acical-D

Drug interaction with medication: This combination interacts with digoxin, antacids containing calcium, aluminium or magnesium, other calcium supplements, calcitriol or other vitamin D3 supplements, tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline or oxytetracycline. Drug interaction with food and others: Not applicable.



This combination is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 or any components of this product. It is also contraindicated in hypercalcemia resulting from myeloma, bone metastases or other malignant bone disease, sarcoidosis, primary hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D3 overdose and severe renal failure.


Side Effects of Acical-D

The most common side effects of this combination are constipation, flatulence, nausea, gastric pain and diarrhea. The other side effects of this combination are skin rash, hypercalciuria and in rare cases hypercalcemia have been seen with long term treatment at high doses.


Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation treatment should always be under the direction of a physician. During pregnancy and lactation, requirements for calcium and vitamin D3 are increased but in deciding on the required supplementation allowances should be made for availability of these agents from other sources.


Precaution and Warning

When hypercalcemia occurs, discontinuation of the drug is usually sufficient to return serum calcium concentrations to normal. Calcium should be used cautiously in patients with sarcoidosis. renal or cardiac disease and in patients receiving cardiac glycosides. Patients with a history of stone formation should also be recommended to increase their fluid intake.


Therapeutic Class

Preparations with certain mineral and vitamin combinations.


Storage Conditions

Store in a cool (below 30°C) and dry place protected from light. Keep away from the reach of children.


Generic of Acical-D

Calcium Carbonate [Elemental source] + Vitamin D3